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Not resolved is owned by Kyle Winn (aka Bert Winn) Reza Akhavan is also shown on the Arizona BBB as a business management member.The Arizona BBB has this company as well as its partner companies, and listed with an F rating. store is NOT an independant company, it is directly linked to these work at home, pay per click, review for cash scammers.

The items sold on this site are available from reputable stores with a long history of dependability.Check out very carefully before adding them to your blog or website!

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This is a request that you please remove all of my comments about have

settled my differnces with them and am being issued a full refund.

I would not like these to

be posted anymore.Thank you.

Igomogul - Work scam

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Igomogul is a work at home scam/fraud.

I've finally figured out how this scam works. Igomogul gets you to contract a website design through them. Igomogul

makes an account with godaddy listing you as the registrant, this is $10 a year. Once a person looks at the "who is" and sees they

are the registrant they are convinced they control the domain name. If they look at the bottom they will discover that it says

registrant can not delete, renew, transfer, or update the account. Should you call godaddy they will tell you that only the person

or company with the log on, password, PIN or account number has control over the domain account. As such the person or company with

that information can delete, renew, transfer, update, sell, give away, or close the account at any time without consent from the

registrant or their knowledge. Should the website fail Igomogul simply tells the registrant is it their fault. Should the website

prove successful Igomogul hs the legal right to sell it and keep th money. Furthermore the content placed on the website is

copyrighted to whom ever has the account information, so that also becomes the property of Igomogul.

Igomogul can use godaddy design and development tools to create the site, this cost less than $50 a year.

At the end of the first 90 days Igomogul demands more money, if you do not pay then they remove the ads from the free AdSense program

and the website now requires a membership log in fee. If you want links added to your webpage Igomogul asks for more money, again

this is a free program that they do not pay for. The bottom line is that Igomogul takes advantage of people who do not have the

experiance to realize everything provided by Igomogul is free or costs less than $100 a year.

Igomogul also uses your google account information to add Analytic, AdSense and the webmaster tool. All of these programs are free so

Igomogul pays nothing to use them. The webmaster tool is the most important one for Igomogul to have access too. Should godaddy

agree to transfer the domain account to you then Igomogul still controls the website through the webmaster tool. Once Igomogul has

the code to the webmaster tool you are locked out and can not verify ownership of the website or use it. At this point it is a

standoff, you can sell the domain name however Igomogul is the only ones with access to what is added or removed from it. The

website becomes worthless to both parties.

Igomogul knows the odds are in their favor that they will not have to refund any money. Most people have used their credit cards

to pay Igomogul and are accruing interest, hiring a lawyer and the added expense of traveling back and forth to Pheonix is also

beyond their means. Arizona small claims maximum is well below what most people have paid so they will take a loss if they persue

small claims and win. When faced with the options most people cut their losses, give up and go away.

Should you file complaints with the Arizona BBB then Igomogul says that if you sign a different agreement they will release

control to you. If you agree to sign then you forfeit all the money you have paid Igomogul and also agree not to persue any

further legal action against Igomogul. Why should you sign an agreement to take control of something that Igomogul was paid to create

for you and register ownership for you in your name?

Igomogul claims that the Statement of Work protects them from lawsuits and being forced to give you a refund. If you read the SOW

crefully youwill notice that it says they are working on a website for the client. Since Igomogul owns and controls the website

they are their own client and they are using your money to develop and design a website for themselves.

When push comes to shove and you demand verification of anything via email or mail Igomogul refuses, they insist all conversations

take place over the phone. If you should call them and you refuse to accept what they tell you they then begin playing a phone

shell game with you, transferring you from one person to the next until you give up. They want to play he said she said phone tag

so that you do not have any proof as to what was said over the phone.

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